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Scarica subito l’applicazione dedicata ai salumi italiani realizzata da UNC e Parmacotto. Entra in un mondo unico di sapori e di saperi! [...]

The Most Clicked Entries

  • Speck

    Italian cured meats

    Speck is made exclusively with the best and leanest pork thighs (during the smoking process any fat content would not only tend to become too strong, but also turn rancid), from recognized and monitored breeders. [...]

  • Turkey breast

    Italian cured meats

    This is cleaned and boned turkey breast meat which, thanks to its nutritional qualities, its low fat content and the fact that it is very easy to digest, is particularly suitable as part of a healthy and balanced diet. [...]

  • Coppa Piacentina

    Italian cured meats

    Coppa is obtained from the neck of the pig. [...]