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Spianata Romana

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  • Spianata Romana

    in Italian cured meats

    Spianata Romana is a typical salame from the Latium region. It is prepared with lean pork meat which has been carefully selected and minced, then seasoned with salt and pepper and finally pressed into its traditional flattened shape. [...]

Spianata Romana

The Art of Tasting


The remarkable seasoning of this product blends sweet and spicy in a sea-saw of captivating aromas.

How to eat it

The blend of the meaty mixture provokes a multi-sensorial effect on the palate produced by the variety of flavors: the sweetness of the meat, the luxuriousness of the fatty components, the spiciness of the pepper and the tang of chilli. Best enjoyed with a simple morsel of bread or, in general, with non-aggressive flavors so as to avoid contrasting the character and completeness of this outstanding cured-meat.

Accompanying wines

There is no need to leave the region for a good accompaniment. Perhaps a young (but not too young) Malvasia (from the Roman hills) whose delicate oxidizing notes will help absorb the impact of the chilli. Obviously a Frascati is perfect too: fresh and floral with that aromatic touch, so perfect for this type of cured meat. And not forgetting that even a light beer, such as bottom-fermented lager with its parchedness and clear citrus hint, can act as a perfect accompaniment for a snack of spianata and durum wheat flour bread.

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